In 2020, fueled by our experience, knowledge, and an unwavering passion, we fearlessly embarked on a quest to revolutionise the world of plant-based food.

We joined forces with PhD and Master's students in Food Tech and Chemistry and professors from different Universities in Estonia, to set out to create the ultimate plant based sunflower seed products: protein powerhouses, spreadable goodness, and even dairy alternatives. And that's how SUNFLY was born!

Our grand ambition is to bring healthy and nutritious plant-based products, packed with sunflower seed protein and nutrients, to every corner of the globe.

But we are not just focused on taste and nutrition; we have an eco-warrior spirit too! Our mission is to do it all sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way. We are determined to create products that would fit seamlessly into people's daily diets, nourishing both their bodies and well being of the planet

Our creations are now available in shops around Estonia, bringing you a burst of flavour, and a whole lot of protein to your plate.

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